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Igor Markovski

Igor Markovski

Probably childhood has thousands names. Life gathers them imperceptibly and shapes everyone individually.
The destiny of abandoned children though is different. They often have only a first name because they don’t have a family.
Throughout the years, Atelier “Hug me” has become a big family that carefully and without intruding, created an artistic world which is as real as is fantastic. 
I had the honour and the pleasure to touch this world through the traditional yearly fundraising tenders they organise. Within this volcano of feelings I carefully  study the children who get separated from their works of art - they are simultaneously proud that their works are being sold but at the same time sad that something they created is now lost to them. This “pain” is sweet and beautiful and likely inspires them for new adventures in the world of arts.
However, should you get a painting from “Hug me”, you must meet and hug the author. Have you felt that life?