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The Atelier opened its doors in 2005 in support of children and youngsters without parental care, developing their interest in education and arts. The Gallery opened in 2019 and its proceeds are also in support of the Atelier activities and the creative vacations of these children. Atelier and Gallery "Hug me" are financed by donations and social projects.

"Hug me" bank account details:
IBAN: BG12BPBI79401065728201
association “Pregarni me” 

A couple of months ago I received a present - a drawing with a letter attached to it: "Milena, As you know I am not very good at expressing myself verbally, and this is why I would like - through this drawing which I don’t think is very nice - express my gratitude. If it was not for you and Kalina, no one knows what would have become of me. You showed me what art is, what a friend is, a parent is, what it means to value one, to trust and to respect one. I would like you to know that I love you very much and thank God that he made it possible to meet you. Thank you for taking care of me, for helping me, for bearing with me and believing in me. I love you and am grateful for who you are."

I would like to publish this letter here as a reply to a friend, and also to all others that might ask What is the purpose of what you do? But later you send them back to the homes for children without parental care, don’t you?! It is true that there are moments when we feel helpless, that sometimes hope gives way to hopelessness. But when you receive a letter like that, you understand that the patience and belief in, will reap its rewards, that Good outweighs the Bad and that you had to and still have to continue on the road, tightly holding the hands of a few lost children, who believe in you. Today A. Is a student at a University in Sofia studying visual arts and now also teaches and is a friend and a role model of the next generation "Hug me" children.

Milena Neyova, founder of Atelier "Hug me".