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21 grams of hope 

21 grams of hope 


21 GRAMS OF HOPE is a programme supporting children without parental care. We call them the ‘invisible children’ because they spend big part of their life invisible to the society, often forgotten and rejected by it. These are children with sorrowful hearts, children who had either lost or were taken away from their parents; children who passed through the dark side of life, sometimes literally passed through gloomy rooms of police stations; children whose names we cannot share with faces we cannot show.

“Pregarni me” is in regular contact with the directors of eight CNST (family type centre for living accommodation of children without parental care) on the territory of Sofia and Dren village, Radomir region. Due to a long-established mutual trust and connection, we get timely latest information about what the children need most: often this is clothes, shoes, educational materials, especially IT, or washing machines, TV sets, bedding, pots, pans, cutlery, etc for the centres. Sometimes “Pregarni me” support to some children continues after they leave the respective centre (they can live in such a Centre only till the age of 18) via monthly stipends to those who continue their education in universities or professional schools.

We conclude our appeal with the poem ‘The heart’ by Marin Bodakov, dedicated to “Pregarni me” children:

What remains
From the drawings that you have not completed,
Because the hand is far from the dream?
What is left from the dream, 
That you tore and then crumbled,
From the tale that you have not finished?
The heart remains.
Your heart.
In mine.

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