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21 grams of hope 

21 grams of hope 

The project "21 grams of hope" is the stipend programme of Atelier "Hug me' in support of 17 children and youths without parental care; two of them are university students and the rest study in different gymnasiums and professional schools. 
To protect their privacy, we cannot show their faces, nor can we give here their names… 
They are the ‘unknown’, abandoned, ours – yours, children.
Children of separated parents, children who lost their parents, children taken away from their parents. 
Children who have been in the dark rooms of the police or the specialised pedagogues offices. Children with exhausted hearts. 
Children who have been sent to, gown up in, and living in, various social institutions established to support them. But there is something that separates them from the others – the talent they have and the diligence with which they develop it.  
21 grams – this is the weight of a human soul. We fight to save 17 children’s souls, to protect them while walking together on the road of beauty, brightness and goodness.